About Your Host.

I can most readily be described as a geek of many shades. Filmic, musical, social, whatever.

I am a growing, theologically-minded, philosophically-oriented, awkwardly-hybrid-progressive-Christian. I know that list didn’t make much sense, but maybe it will in the future.

I have been described as a series of contradictions; friendly and sociable, but occasionally requiring a warmup. Almost entirely unorthodox, and yet somehow oddly conservative. I listen to Metallica and Breaking Benjamin on a playlist with Sara Bareilles and the Barenaked Ladies. I know, I’m weird.

If you stick around long enough, I think you’ll enjoy the time you spend here.



  1. Matt,

    Nikki Velasco (or, Dr. V. as I would like to be known around Lee). Weird has such bad connotations, I’d say “normal” in the vector calculus sense of the word no? Normal as in perpendicular 🙂 Anyway, delighted in your quest to just be yourself. And also grateful that you publish such things as hitchhikers guides to Lee for newbies like me. I’m coming to Lee from the West Coast (Stanford for my graduate work, Berkeley for undergrad) so I have a hunch that you have some mighty useful things to say.

    Left you a comment (I think on your post about Hitchhiker’s guide to Lee Part II) but thought I should leave you one here as well. Teaching Poli 200 this year and thought you might want to meet some of my freshmen?

    Let me know,

  2. Hmmm Try 3.

    Nikki Velasco (Dr. V.) New professor here at Lee, wanted to extend the invite to come to my poli 200 course. Let me know if you would be interested.


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